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TOBE Flexi Spaces

TO BE @ 15 Clarke Steet, has flexi spaces where you can enjoy the art exhibition of the day, learn about the history of Perak (1880 - 1940) and participate in group events. You can also relax, read a book from the library or have a game of chess, snake & ladder or carroms with your friends, and be hopeful that you can be the best in whoever you want to be.


These Flexi Spaces are now available for booking. Enjoy complimentary WiFi, coffee and tea.


Evening Pass - 1 Day

5 pm till 9 pm weekdays.

RM 10 ​


Event Space:

Access the whole ground floor for 4 hours.

LCD projector, wireless mic and speakers provided.

RM 300​


*Suitable for meetings, lectures, product launches, exhibitions or private functions.

* Can accommodate 25 - 30 people.

** Food and beverages can be arranged.

*** Discounts available for charity events.​

Perak Society of Performing Arts
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