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Alpha Course

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This course is on the understanding of the Christian faith. The entire course material is from Alpha Malaysia. Please visit for more information. There are 11 Sections with videos and notes. Please watch the videos in each section and read the notes which are downloadable. Please give feedback on completion of each section. Sections: 1. Is there more in life than this? 2. Who is Jesus? 3. Why did Jesus die? 4. How can I have faith? 5. Why and how do I pray? 6. Why and how should I read the Bible? 7. How doe God guide us? 8. Introduction to the Weekend. 9. Who is the Holy Spirit? 10. What does the Holy Spirit do? 11. How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? 12. How can I make the most of the rest of my life? 13. How can I resist evil? 14. Why and how should I tell others? 15. Doe God heal today? 16. What about the Church? For a richer experience and better course support, please register and participate in our yearly meeting, in May.

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Repurposed Work

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