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Breathing Better Together (Softcover Manual)

Breathing Better Together (Softcover Manual)


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Workbook

  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents:

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

    Components of a Home PRP


    Outcome Measures

         Exercise Performance Status

              6 Minute Walk Test

         Health Related Quality of Life

              CAT score

         Muscle Strength

              Maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressure

              Other measures of muscle strength

         Daily Activities

              Beware the Vicious Cycle of Inactivity

    Chest Physical Therapy

         Improving Ventilation and Aeration

              Controlled Breathing

              Segmental Breathing Exercises

              Body Positions

         Enhancing Mucous Clearance

              Postural Drainage

              Percussions, compression and vibration


              Controlled Cough

              Forced Expiratory Technique

              Active Cycle of Breathing Techinque (ACBT)

              PEP Devices

         Improving Chest Mobility

         Increasing Functional Capacity

              What is exercise?

              Exercise Prescription

              Develop a Fitness Routine

              Other Benefits of Exercise

         Exercise Training with Machines

         Oxygen Supplement

         Non-Invasive Ventilation and Exercise

         Electrical Stimulation


  • Table of Contents... cont'd

    Activities of Dailing Living

         Evaluating your ADL

         Treating Functional Deficits in ADL

              Energy Management

              Fatique Management

              Anxiety and Stress Management

    Leisure and Relaxation

         Leisure Education





         Proper Nutrition

    Sexual Activity

    Smoking Cessation


    Travel and Vaccination

    Healing and Spirituality

         Definition of Healing

         Role of a Doctor

    Anxiety and Stress


         Oxygen Delivery Systems

         PEP Devices

         Vibratory PEP Devices

         Expiratory Muscle Trainer

         Inspiratory Muscle Trainer

              Types of Inspiratory Muscle Trainers



         High Walking Frame

         Incentive Spirometers

    Upper Limbs and Lower Limbs Exercise Training

         The Exercise Session

              Warm Up

              Main Workout

              Cool Down

         Strength Training

    Home Exercises

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