A Grandfather Story

A Grandfather Story


Grandfather Story attempts to trace the life of Leong Sin Nam.  It begins with his birth in China and the possible reasons why he migrated to Malaya.  This is a story of a humble man who worked very hard in the tin fields which later lead him to fame and fortune.  With his new found wealth, the story continues with details on how he helped the local and foreign Chinese communities through difficult times during the Great Depression and the Sino Japanese wars.  A section of the story deals with his unwavering support for Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his revolution to unify China and turn it into a Republic.  He led the Tung Meng Hui and Kuomintang movements in Perak, Malaya.  Included in the narration are related world events of the day which give us a better perspective of the life and turbulent times of Leong Sin Nam.


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