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Quill Pen

Quill pens have a rich history dating back to the 6th century. These elegant writing tools were widely used during the Middle Ages and even played a role in significant historical moments. Crafted from bird feathers, particularly those of swans, geese, and turkeys, quill pens were prized for their durability and ability to hold ink. Writers would sharpen the feather's tip, hollow out a small section to hold ink, and then dip it into an ink bottle. The quill pen's reign eventually gave way to fountain pens, which allowed continuous writing without frequent ink refills. Still, the quill pen remains a symbol of education, literature, and artistic expression.

The addition of a metal nib to quill pens occurred during the 17th century. This innovation allowed for more precise writing and improved ink flow. The metal nib replaced the traditional feather tip, making quill pens even more versatile. 


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