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Perak Churches Timeline

1895 - Saint John's Anglican Church, Taiping. (Anglican)

- All Saint's Church, Taiping. (Anglican)

1912 - Saint Michael's Church, Ipoh. (Roman Catholic)

- Saint George's Church, Ipoh. (Anglican)

1916 - Holy Trinity Church, Batu Gajah. (Anglican)

1917 - Saint Anthony's Church, Teluk Intan. (Roman Catholic)

1927 - Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh. (Methodist)

1923 - Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Ipoh. (Roman Catholic)

1926 - Saint Mary Church, Kuala Kangsar. (Roman Catholic)

1928 - Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Ipoh. (Roman Catholic)

- Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church, Ipoh. (Presbyterian)

- Saint Mary's Church, Manjung. (Roman Catholic)

1930 - Saint Joseph Church, Bidor. (Roman Catholic)

1931 - Saint Louis Church, Lumut. (Roman Catholic)

- Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chemor. (Roman Catholic)

1933 - Saint Teresa's Church, Tapah. (Roman Catholic)

1937 - Church of the Holy Family, Sitiawan. (Roman Catholic)

1940 - Saint Teresa Church, Kampar. (Roman Catholic)

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