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Lee Guan Swee

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Lee Guan Swee (1871 – 1938), a.k.a. Lee Guan-swee, Lee Guan Sui, Li Guan-sui and Li Guan Sui was born in Ankoay, Fujian in 1871. He was Hokkien and spoke fluent English and Chinese. He had four children of which two were adopted. He built several shophouses at Belfield Street and stayed at number 24, whilst using number 28 for his business with the company name of Chop Ban Seng.

He was a businessman with interests in rubber trading and tin mining.

He was a staunch supporter of Dr. Sun Yat Sen's revolution. Dr Sun was known to have stayed at Belfield Street while on a fundraising mission in Perak.

Perak raised $11,420 for the Huanghuagang Uprising; Negri Sembilang $18,600; Penang $11,500; Selangor $1,551; Singapore $3,530; Johor $729 and Melaka $333 (according to data found in the Sun Yat Sen Base in Penang).


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